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July 2015

The Rotman Patio Party – A Strategy Guide to Large Meetups

At last, a major Rotman event right here in Toronto with over 45 people from at least 10 different countries.

As I walked in, I was met with a fine assortment of people i knew from from previous meetups, from online interactions and complete strangers. Of course, at the end of the event, almost everyone was a familiar face.








It can be intimidating meeting so many new people at once, so here is a quick strategy guide if you feel overwhelmed at large events :

  1. Look for the familiar faces first – They will help you get started and ease yourself as more introductions are made.
  2. Keep Moving – Sometimes you may get too comfortable in one spot around familiar people that you forget to meet anybody new. Step outside your comfort zone once in a while.
  3. Be approachable – Easier said than done. Remember, a genuine smile simply melts barriers.Standing in a corner with folded arms wont make it easy for people to talk to you.
  4. Break into groups – Getting into a smaller group of people in the midst of an engaging conversation is easier than it sounds. Make an effort to listen and people will automatically include you.
  5. Connect with people – These meetups are all about making connections and building relationships with your classmates.Have meaningful conversations to make lifelong friends.

As we draw closer to the Pre MBA courses, we will be sure to have more meetups and socials. We really do need them if we have to get to know all 350 (approximately) people in our batch.


More Socials – Iftar

One of our second years, Ahmed Assem organized an Iftar dinner on the 15th of July.

Another brilliant social event where the incoming batch got to learn more about Ramadan, meet with upper years and enjoy some delicious food.




A Quick Tour of Rotman

I had the pleasure of a personal tour of Rotman, courtesy of my admissions officer, Lynda Patterson.

Here are the highlights :

A typical classroom
These accommodate 70 students
One of the many group study rooms that can be booked

Among my favorite spots so far were the rooftop area on the 9th floor and the outdoor patio on the 5th floor.

IMG_20150715_114547  IMG_20150715_115754

Meetups Galore

The Rotman batch of 2017 has been having meetups all over the world even before the start of the MBA program.

With modern technology, distance and borders are no barrier. There have been numerous meetups ranging from midnight Vsee sessions, face to face meetups, house parties and even some wine and dine.

Here are some of these moments from across the globe :

Mexico City
Mexico City
New Delhi
New Delhi

As we inch closer to the start of the first year and international students start trickling into Toronto, smaller meetups have started cropping up here.

Toronto 2
Manic Cafe
Toronto 3
811837118_10578_9637589932366127674 (1)
Amsterdam Brewhouse

Rotman Treks – Rouge Park

The Rotman treks happen on Saturday mornings in summer and are a great way to meet new people, enjoy nature and burn some calories. Since it is organized by the upper years, it give a chance for the incoming students to absorb a lot of information as well.


This trek had us cover several trails in the Scarborough area.


Graduate House

This is where most international students stay, at least in the first year. There are other on-campus accommodations like family housing and co-op housing as well but since I stay here, here are the highlights of the graduate house :

This is an ideal place to get started as an international student since it is already furnished. It is also a great place to build an initial network and meet new people.

The grad house is a five minute walk from Rotman which saves a lot on travel cost and time especially during winters.

You can find detailed information about the grad house here

The Arrival – A Quick Guide for International Students

This is a quick guide for International students landing in Canada – A checklist that will help you get set up initially.

  1. Collect your official study permit at the Airport. It will be stapled to your passport. Make sure it has the clause that permits your to work off campus (186 F, V or W). If you land on a weekday you can collect your temporary SIN as well.
  2. The best way to travel from the airport to the graduate house will be taxi (since you have luggage). It should cost you about 50 CAD.

    Graduate House
  3. I was not asked about insurance at immigration. Your UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) starts on Sep 1 but you can get additional bridge cover from Aug 10 so if you are landing before that it is a good idea to get some cover from your home country.
  4. Collect your UofT ID card from the Robarts library which is almost next door to the grad house. This takes 3 mins.

    Robarts Library
  5. If you have opened an account at BMO, walk into their office at University Avenue (10 mins walk from Grad House). They will set you up with your debit card and you can apply for a credit card as well.
  6. The Rotman building is 5 minutes aways from the Graduate House. Feel free to take a tour and check in at the PSO (second floor)

    New Rotman School Expansion by KPMB interconnects contemporary building with history on University of Toronto campus. Credit: Tom Arbun Photography Inc. (CNW Group/Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects)
    The Rotman School of Management
  7. The nearest mall is the Toronto Eaton Center. (20 mins walk/5 mins subway) There are a lot of mobile providers here and you can compare plans to get a local SIM. It gets activated immediately.

    Toronto Eaton Centre

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