At last, a major Rotman event right here in Toronto with over 45 people from at least 10 different countries.

As I walked in, I was met with a fine assortment of people i knew from from previous meetups, from online interactions and complete strangers. Of course, at the end of the event, almost everyone was a familiar face.








It can be intimidating meeting so many new people at once, so here is a quick strategy guide if you feel overwhelmed at large events :

  1. Look for the familiar faces first – They will help you get started and ease yourself as more introductions are made.
  2. Keep Moving – Sometimes you may get too comfortable in one spot around familiar people that you forget to meet anybody new. Step outside your comfort zone once in a while.
  3. Be approachable – Easier said than done. Remember, a genuine smile simply melts barriers.Standing in a corner with folded arms wont make it easy for people to talk to you.
  4. Break into groups – Getting into a smaller group of people in the midst of an engaging conversation is easier than it sounds. Make an effort to listen and people will automatically include you.
  5. Connect with people – These meetups are all about making connections and building relationships with your classmates.Have meaningful conversations to make lifelong friends.

As we draw closer to the Pre MBA courses, we will be sure to have more meetups and socials. We really do need them if we have to get to know all 350 (approximately) people in our batch.