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August 2015

The Rotman Pre-MBA Program

The Pre-MBA classes were specifically designed to get us back into an academic environment and learn/refresh our basics.

Even though the courses were completely optional, they did add a lot of value, especially to people without a business/finance/engineering background.

Here is a brief description of the main courses (in no particular order) :

Self Development

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Basic Courses on personal development including Voicing Yourself and Self Management.

Business Math


A quant-intensive course covering equations, logs, exponents and probability.



A fine refresher on statistical probability and its importance in a business environment.

Data Analysis and Business Modelling 


All about Microsoft Excel. In 3 Levels of increasing complexity.



Balance Sheet. Income Statements. Cash Flows.

Concepts of Finance


Understanding stocks and bonds and analyzing market trends.

Finance Methods

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Calculating the present and future values of Money. Using Excel.

This was just a glimpse of an MBA class environment.

The Pre-MBA is over.

Now it is time for the real Program to begin…


Rotman Treks – Taylor Creek

Another Rotman Trek just after International Student Orientation.

A dedicated group gathered on Saturday morning:


We started off from the Victoria Park Station



It began with a simple trail and but we wavered off the beaten path to explore.


We even came across a sleek jet – black German Shepherd (some GoT fans insisted that it was a Direwolf)


And of course, some of us had to go pet it.


Overall a short and sweet trek.


DSCN3949   DSCN3962

International Student Orientation Week

Four days of action packed learning, networking, research and presentations. The ISOW has just given us a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Day 1 : 

The first day was all about meeting new people, learning about Canada, networking and socializing.

Highlights included a Toronto Trivia Quiz and a tour of the Rotman building.

The day closed with a networking social with the upper year students.



Day 2 : 

This day was primarily dedicated for exploring and learning about the Canadian Workplace and Career Options.

The career center gave interesting insights on networking and “connecting with a purpose”.

We also learnt from the personal experiences of upper year students and about post MBA employment through employer panels in the afternoon.

Another highlight of this day was the Toronto Lunch tour where we were divided into groups to cover the following areas :

  • Kensington Market
  • Chinatown
  • The Annex


The day closed with a reception at the Duke of Devon on Bay street. Again, there was an emphasis on networking and making connections. (Strategy Guide)

Day 3 : 

The whole day was focussed on teamwork. Teams had to use a combination of speaking, acting and drawing skills to decipher messages.

After lunch we began The Great Canadian Research Competition to give us a glimpse of how case competitions would be like. This was a great opportunity for us to learn about achieving a common goal by working in diverse international groups.

We managed to catch a few groups here :




Day 4 :

All the groups had to present before alumni judges. Another great platform to receive constructive feedback and improve our presentation skills.


This was followed by a final set of presentations giving us a taste of the Rotman environment. Congratulations to all the winners !


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