The Pre-MBA classes were specifically designed to get us back into an academic environment and learn/refresh our basics.

Even though the courses were completely optional, they did add a lot of value, especially to people without a business/finance/engineering background.

Here is a brief description of the main courses (in no particular order) :

Self Development

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Basic Courses on personal development including Voicing Yourself and Self Management.

Business Math


A quant-intensive course covering equations, logs, exponents and probability.



A fine refresher on statistical probability and its importance in a business environment.

Data Analysis and Business Modelling 


All about Microsoft Excel. In 3 Levels of increasing complexity.



Balance Sheet. Income Statements. Cash Flows.

Concepts of Finance


Understanding stocks and bonds and analyzing market trends.

Finance Methods

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Calculating the present and future values of Money. Using Excel.

This was just a glimpse of an MBA class environment.

The Pre-MBA is over.

Now it is time for the real Program to begin…