Congratulations !

You have completed this brief one month term at Rotman. A Term designed to be the foundation for Business Education.


  1. Business Ethics
  2. Model Based Decision Making
  3. Integrated Models and Data
  4. Managerial Economics

One Month. Four Subjects. Presentations. Homework .Group work. Case Studies. Class Participation. MBA in full swing.


Tips from the Foundation Term*  :

  1. Campaign and be an elected representative of the Graduate Business Council (GBC)
  2. Clubs – Join some Clubs. The ones you really like. Try not to spread yourself too thin by joining too many clubs because you really won’t have much time to devote to each club individually.
  3. Campaign and be an elected representative of a club for your section
  4. Socialize – Go to some Tipsy Tuesdays
  5. Love your Team – Seriously, you are going to spend a lot of time with your team doing group work. Get to know them. Work with them. Be a good teammate and contribute. Oh, and the team remains the same for the next term as well.

*NOTE : Optional

Well, that’s it for the Foundation Term. Strive onward to TERM 1 !!!