Term 2 begins explosively – with On-Campus Recruitment

The first few weeks of January are packed with companies coming on campus for info-sessions. Suit up and network away. This continues even after classes begin.

So how do you spend you time in Term 2? Well, there are the usual classes of course


  1. Operations Management
  2. Managing Customer Value (aka Marketing)
  3. Leading People in Organizations
  4. Economic Environment of Business (Macroeconomics)

Term 2 is relatively lighter than Term 1. It has to be, because in addition to managing your regular classes, you are also going through internship recruitment. This means tweaking your resume and customizing your cover letter for different job applications. Everyday.


The whole process can be broken into 2 phases :

Phase I : Getting an interview call

Factors that could contribute to getting an interview call (In no particular order)

  • Grades – Mostly important for Consulting and Finance
  • Networking – Varying results
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Luck?

Getting your first interview call is a a huge confidence boost. Until you learn that an interview means nothing if you can’t convert it. Use every interview as a learning process. People go through multiple interviews without proceeding to the next round. Or worse, clear multiple rounds and then get rejected. Of course, you are in no position to complain. Some people haven’t got a single interview call.


Phase II : Getting that converted into an offer

Depending on the industry and job description, there will be multiple rounds of behavioral and case interviews. This is where you hope that your prep pays off. Soldier on through the process and eventually you land an offer ! Or Multiple offers !! or nothing at all. Once again, learn from each round. This stamp is the mark of a veteran.

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The Internship hunt continues until March when the number companies coming on campus start reducing. If you still don’t have an internship, it’s time to look off-campus. This process could still continue into the next term. The only advice here is to focus on your goals and be relentless. It takes time and effort to land an internship.

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Also remember, you still have to finish Term 2 Exams. Since you were busy with recruitment you probably missed a few(?) classes and have to catch up. Once you finish Term 2, you either want to relax and celebrate landing an internship or relax and continue your internship search. Either way,